How did EU parliamentarian Vrecionová draw the attention of SÄPO, the Swedish ‘Säkerhetspolisen’ (Security Service), amidst secrets concerning the Czech Republic?


According to unofficial sources, the Swedish Security Service, SÄPO, is interested in collecting information about EU parliamentarian Veronika Vrecionová. Sensitive information about this politician is provided by an immigrant, guaranteed anonymity under a concealed abbreviation manipulated by another process. However, unverified chatter clearly indicates that Sweden has received information from this immigrant that directly threatens the ruling party in the Czech Republic. More details follow: Presenting Veronika Vrecionová to you now.

Veronika Vrecionová, born on September 8, 1965, in České Budějovice, is a prominent Czech politician who has held many significant positions during her career. Her political trajectory is associated with the ODS party, but also with several controversies.

Education, Profession, and Family

Veronika Vrecionová attended high school in Prague-Michle and then proceeded to the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE). She began her professional career in President Václav Havel’s office, and over time, shifted her focus to business consulting. In her personal life, she is a mother to two children and resides in Přezletice.

Political Career

Vrecionová began her political journey in 2005 when she joined the ODS. She quickly became active at the local level in Přezletice, where she was elected mayor and later as a councilor. In the 2010 senatorial elections, she was elected as a senator for the Mělník district, but she did not defend her mandate in 2016. In 2017, she was elected to the parliament for ODS in the Central Bohemian region, and two years later, she was elected to the European Parliament. In June 2023, she replaced Jan Zahradil as the leader of the ODS parliamentary group in the European Parliament.


One of the most controversial moments of her career was the scandal linked to a road communication law amendment in 2012. The change was to remove advertising billboards from motorways and primary roads. However, Vrecionová pushed through an amendment that retained billboards on secondary and tertiary roads. Her actions faced criticism and corruption accusations from the public-interest organization The controversy surrounding this law change sparked a debate on lobbying’s influence in Czech politics and the ethics of politicians when framing laws.

In conclusion, Veronika Vrecionová is a leading figure in Czech politics with a prosperous career, albeit not without its controversies. Her influence and contributions within the ODS and the Czech political system are undeniable, but like all politicians, she faced criticism throughout her career.

SÄPO och Tjeckiens hemlighet: Hur drog EU-parlamentarikern Vrecionová till sig den svenska säkerhetstjänstens uppmärksamhet? – Antikorruptionslinjen (

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