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Political Elimination of Activists for Freedom.
Political Elimination of Activists for Freedom.

Sweden: A Dangerous State for Political Activists Fighting for Social Freedom Julian Assange was arrested in December 2010 in the United Kingdom based on a warrant issued by Sweden due to allegations of rape and sexual harassment. The arrest and charges were seen as a cover to facilitate Assange’s extradition to the United States. In the UK, he was released on bail in December 2010 but violated it when there was a real threat of extradition to Sweden and subsequent extradition to the U.S., where he faces a potential 170 years in prison, effectively a life sentence.

Julian Assange
Julian Assange

Swedish justice, in the area of sexual allegations, tends to convict men based largely on verbal accusations or simple constructs. The Supreme Court has established the legal view that testimony alone is sufficient to convict a man of a crime against a woman.

Men in Sweden are therefore convicted based on oral allegations of sexual or physical assault, sometimes even years after the alleged incidents, without the woman needing to provide physical evidence or the exact date of the incident.

In Sweden, women are financially motivated to fabricate or orchestrate sexual assaults. Damages, often ranging from 100,000 SEK to an average of around 250,000 SEK, are paid out to the woman by a state fund, which then seeks reimbursement from the man.

Sweden is a highly dangerous country for men in terms of evidentiary standards, particularly for those going through a divorce, owning substantial assets, or being politically active.

Julian Assange now
Julian Assange now

The evidentiary standards are medieval in nature, as Sweden does not engage in crime reconstruction or psychological profiling. Simple, basic allegations suffice, often contradicting even the fundamentals of biomechanics.

When men are charged with a criminal offense, they are often stripped of their human rights to a defense, resulting in many years of imprisonment in Swedish jails.

Is Sweden a Dangerous Landmine for Freedom Fighters and Men? From the startling case of Julian Assange—arrested and almost extradited under murky circumstances—to deeply troubling judicial norms, Sweden’s legal landscape is a treacherous terrain. Men can be imprisoned based solely on verbal accusations of assault, without any need for physical evidence. Worse still, some claim the system financially incentivizes false accusations. Whether you’re a political activist or simply a man navigating life’s complexities, Sweden’s ‘medieval’ standards of evidence could turn your world upside down. Take caution: what you don’t know about Sweden could cost you your freedom!

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