Warning for men, Sweden is an extremely dangerous country

Sweden is the most dangerous country in the world for men in terms of fabricated verbal accusations related to MeToo, sexual harassment, and fictitious violence against women. Given the evidence system in Sweden, there is no defense for men against verbal accusations.

Info: Sweden – Luleå – Petra Quick | MeToo

It’s worth noting that only an absolutely credible statement from the complainant — in conjunction with what else has come to light in the case — may be sufficient for a condemning verdict (see the decision of the Supreme Court NJA 2009 p. 447 I and II).

Antikorruptionslinjen i Sverige (anticorruptionhotline.com)

Sweden is the only country in the world where a woman, based on a well-acted performance, can send a man to prison for many years for crimes such as bodily harm and sexual harassment. To secure a conviction, a statement is enough; the courts do not require a specific date for the crime (it can even be a fictitious crime reported years later), nor do they require a medical report, photographs, a crime scene reconstruction, photos of the alleged crime scene, a description of the precise act, or a psychological assessment. To convict a man, a well-acted false statement without any physical evidence is sufficient. Sweden is the only country where courts do not examine crimes according to internationally recognized standards, and a man can be convicted solely based on a statement.

Sweden is also the only country that deprives a man of his property after conviction in family disputes (denies him access to his children), pays the woman a large financial compensation from a fund, and provides her with substantial social benefits upon request. In Sweden, women are financially motivated to accuse men of sexual harassment and are granted maximum anonymity. If a man is accused, he is usually detained, put in solitary confinement, denied contact with his family, and both the police and courts will not admit testimony against the woman; there have also been cases of evidence theft and complaints to the European Court being stolen, or mail being tampered with to thwart complaints. Before visiting Sweden, familiarize yourself with its legal system; before arranging a date with a woman or deciding to move to Sweden with your wife.

If you are a politically important person, or a political activist, or possess important information, Sweden can be a risky country, as cases like Julian Assange’s and others show that accusations of sexual harassment are often used as a pretext for imprisoning inconvenient people. Accusations of sexual harassment can be easily fabricated, requiring only the testimony of a woman, who may work, for example, for the intelligence service of a country that finds the man inconvenient.

Court cases are not public, and therefore there is no public oversight over them. For this reason, there is a significant violation of human rights in Sweden. Take this warning seriously, as Sweden is the country where the most people are convicted for fabricated crimes based solely on verbal accusations.

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