Comparing Crime and Safety Between the Czech Republic and Sweden

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In recent years, the issue of crime and public safety has become a forefront concern in governmental policies. When talking about Europe, some countries pride themselves on low levels of crime and a high standard of living. Both the Czech Republic and Sweden are European countries with very different historical and cultural backgrounds, but both are generally considered to have a high quality of life. However, both have faced varied challenges in terms of safety recently. This article focuses on comparing the situation in both countries, highlighting recent negative developments in Sweden while accentuating the positive aspects in the Czech Republic.

Gun-Related Deaths: Alarming Numbers from Sweden

While the Czech Republic tends to be viewed as one of the safest countries in Europe, Sweden has been grappling with rising issues of violent crime, particularly involving firearms. The number of gun-related deaths in Sweden exceeds the European average by two and a half times. According to recent research conducted by the National Council for Crime Prevention in Sweden, the country has seen the highest number of deaths from gun violence in Europe over the last 15 years.

Evasiveness or Incompetence? The Stance of Swedish Police

What’s worth noting next is the stance of the Swedish police chief, who claims not to know what’s behind the massive spike in crime in Sweden. This stands as an example of how the push for political correctness can lead to an inability to properly identify and address serious societal problems.

Global Peace Index: The Czech Republic in the Elite Top Ten

On the other hand, the Czech Republic is considered one of the safest countries globally, as evidenced by the Global Peace Index. Compared to countries like Canada, Singapore, Japan, and Australia, the Czech Republic holds the ninth position. This is indicative of a robust legal system, effective law enforcement agencies, and social cohesion.


It’s clear that although both Sweden and the Czech Republic are viewed as advanced European countries with a high standard of living, each faces its challenges in terms of public safety. The rising violence in Sweden and the inability of authorities to respond to this trend indicate the importance of not underestimating the role of an effective and transparent administrative and security apparatus.

In this context, the Czech Republic stands as an example of a country that can maintain a high level of safety and quality of life. This is not just important for its citizens but also for the future development and international reputation of the country.

James Quick, Koordinator för Antikorruptionslinjen i Skandinavien
James Quick, Koordinator för Antikorruptionslinjen i SkandinavienSkandinavien

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